Glenaholm Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Glenaholm Kennel was founded by Mrs Phyllis McCarthy in 1949. We breed to preserve the original qualities that have captivated all Rhodesian Ridgeback owners from the beginning.


Our dogs are important members of our families and like everyone else, they have special jobs to do. Theirs is to give us love and loyality, to make us laugh and make us proud. They are to alert us to strangers and guard the property. Officially they are not meant to be in the house but with all the doors open and people coming in and out, this is not always conformed to.


The Glenaholm dogs are never kenneled unless they are on heat or having puppies. They all get on together. During the day, they lie in the sun, try and get inside to see what we are doing and as the sun starts to set they realise that they have had no exercise and rush into the long grass to hunt, dig and play, coming back tired but happy for their dinner and the company of their family. They are not just show dogs and there is not a crate anywhere. If they go to a show, they jump into the back of the car.


These photos are a day in their lives.


Come and get it
Ridges at breakfast time
OK. I love you all
The daily bones and treats
We can see you.
Oh, there you are
Well? You sit on the table as well!!
Long hot afternoon
Please can I come in?
What are you doing in there?
Young pups in the shade
Not a conformation class again!!
Bedtime Story
And then to sleep

And In The U.S.

There goes a squirrel…, where is it?
I think it went that way
Let's look for moles instead
I might have something here
Time to rest
We are off to the woods and hope no one mistakes us for deer
When the weather is cold, we play inside and sleep by the fire…
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