Glenaholm Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Glenaholm Kennel was founded by Mrs Phyllis McCarthy in 1949. We breed to preserve the original qualities that have captivated all Rhodesian Ridgeback owners from the beginning.


The Glenaholm Estate – 1940's

Glenaholm is one of the oldest Rhodesian Ridgebacks kennels. The kennel was registered with the Kennel Union of South Africa in 1949 by Phyllis McCarthy and is still run today by her daughter, Laurie Venter outside Johannesburg, South Africa. Her ex-partner, Norah Ormerod, now lives in the United States of America with her Glenaholm dogs.


Over the past 60 years so much has changed – the Glenaholm estate is now a housing development; the trees on Laurie's property, Chucklenook, have grown and houses for her children and other family members have been built. But there is one thing that has remained constant – the Glenaholm dogs still look the same and most importantly, their characters and temperaments.

Glenaholm Dogs - 2005


Glenaholm Dogs – 1995

The Glenaholm dogs have always been important members of the families. They are never kenneled unless they are on heat or whelping. They are there to be loving and loyal friends, to guard their owners and to be gentle and predicable with the children. The fact that they have also become champions in many countries around the world is an added bonus.


Glenaholm Dogs – 1975


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